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My Trek dealer filed a warranty claim on my old bike because it had a problem they didn't know how to fix.

Trek decided to send me a new bike and take the old one back for study.

I was a little confused what model year the replacement bike is. The new bike is an FX 4 that didn't match the picture on the website for a 2019 because it has no snazzy decals on the side, and says FX 4 on the top instead of FX S 4.
It has disc brakes so it can't be a 2017.

It is an exact match with the bike in the Japanese 2020 FX 4 video on Youtube.

Ergo, they sent me a 2020 FX 4, a significant upgrade from my old bike that I bought in 2017 as a discontinued 2016 model.

Trek did me a solid - this new bike is super.

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