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Originally Posted by abshipp View Post
It's getting harder and harder for me to not turn into a nervous wreck about this whole thing.

We just had an impromptu meeting with all the people in the shop about our boss who's been out since last Friday with CV-19 like symptoms but still hasn't received test results back. Our president tried to re-assure everyone that it's been long enough that if we aren't showing symptoms by this point, it's highly unlikely that we were infected by him.

So with that said, naturally, I've been feeling a little short of breath since last night and earlier today. It's likely just allergies since I've had a bit of a tingly throat and some sinus drainage as well. Or it might be some residual effects from the cold I had a bit ago. But still I just can't shake the idea that I might just be asymptomatic or just have extremely mild symptoms. I'm still coming in to work, and wondering if that's still a wise idea.

Asking to work from home is a switch I don't want to flip too early since once that starts I'm basically committed until this whole thing blows out, but I also don't want to wait too long.
Hang in there.
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