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Ultegra R8000 RD Shift Vagueness

I upgraded my Madone with an Ultegra groupset three years ago. My question is about RD downshifting (larger->smaller cogs). It feels vague to me. Earlier in the season I replaced only the shift cables figuring I only need to do them. Uncertain if this was the problem, I replaced cables and housing with Jagwire Pro set. Shifting feels a little better, however the downshifting still feels vague to me. I'm not having any shifting problems, however it doesn't feel as crisp as I think it should be.
Could this be all in my head? I have another bike that I rode all winter on a trainer, equipped with SRAM RIVAL. It's shifting is not as smooth, but it's downshifting is definitely more positive. Could this be a problem with the shifter or the return spring on the RD? Has anybody else had a similar situation?
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