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I do have multiple cases of plastic relics from the '90s-- probably over 300 CDs in total. Not a single one of them has seen daylight in nearly a decade.

I had a Pioneer 100-Disc for many years, and have nothing really nice to say about it. It worked, but disc changes were slow, and it predated any fancy features, so it required manually logging disc locations with pen and paper. It is long gone.

I signed up for Pandora right around the time I got into cycling, and have used my iTunes (with around 12k songs in it) just a handful of times since.

Start ripping those CDs into FLAC or Apple Lossless (ALAC.) Or even just 320kbps mp3. Storage is so damn cheap today-- my media server for movies has around 400 movies on it and is ~1/3 full. You could fit every CD you've ever owned at high bitrate for under $100.
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