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From what I can recall of the larger format disc changers was that they were mostly problematic. I think the best bet is to go with something like a carousel changer. I had a Yamaha that performed wonderfully for the purpose until it was stolen in a robbery. I just never bothered to replace it afterwards.

If you have the time, patience, and ability I would also recommend digitizing the music. Personally, if I had it to do over again I would choose to go lossless as it's just a better quality of sound. MP3 compresses the music even at high bit rates and with (some) of your titles you will definitely be able to tell a difference if listening on a quality system. If you are playing through average headphones or the "all in one" stereo/computer speakers I would say it won't matter.

I would recommend keeping the CD after burning such that when/if you suffer a data loss of corruption of files you can go back to the source to re-burn. I didn't heed that advice and lost a great collection of music that I still haven't fully recovered from in titles as well as quality.
By and large however, I think that with the streaming services available out there now I would not go backwards (insomuch as actually purchasing physical disc/record) at this time.
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