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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
I only have a couple hundred.

When you are looking for one do you ever see others and think "What was I thinking when I bought that?!?!"?
I have over 800 LPs, hundreds of 7" in 33 and 45 rpm, dozens of factory recorded 7" reels, laserdiscs, CEDs, VHS, BETA and I gave all my 78s to a friend's late mother years ago, she enjoyed them a ton. I just don't have a working standalone DVD player, all of those get watched on my computers.

Pioneers are probably faster than an AMI/Rowe or Seeburg jukebox though and I don't care about the disc changing speed. I have some of them ripped to hard drives and optical discs as well but I tend to do this on an as-needed basis. I make mixes and Christmas albums that way and I also recommend a program called Audacity to clean your files up and such (you'll have to download a LAME encoder separately for MP3s because that allows Audacity to be a free program).

Hint: It will fix a lot of horrid audio for videos if you want to record them, you'd be surprised how some simple techniques rescue bad audio, but I do this for my own purposes, not commercial.

It made cassette recording more fun, that's for sure.

Mind you I just play it. I don't care what format or how.

PS One thing you may have forgotten is that Pioneer and Sony had a version of universal system link (basically using a 3.5mm male-male stereo cable to patch components together for central control (so you could dub tracks to a cassette in whatever order, or turn components on and off from the receiver/control center).

Sure, I may have never really used it but it's still a neat idea.

Also keep in mind that the Pioneer changers will probably be the most abundant and longest-lived. The six-disc cartridge players are not as desirable anymore, however, they are too much trouble to service IMO.

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