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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
Hire musicians to come play for you?
Don't have to hire them. My wife IS a musician, and we regularly have others over for jam and practice sessions.

This is one reason I have great speakers around the house, and play CDs. They tend to be critical of MP3s.

Look, we all enjoy a "quick fix" of a beloved song... but for serious listening... well, ya wanna do it right.

And frankly, some of these folks also bring their own latest studio CDs... so "ripping it" is kinda out of the question. "Oh sure Dave, let's hear track 5... as soon as my PC finishes with it."

I may go with two CD players... one a 5 disc unit for quick changes, the other, maybe a 100 disc juke box... especially if I can link that to an ipad for music selection.

Right now we have a single disc player... I just want to upgrade.
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