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Sorry, but my opinion is that the shop owes you nothing. Once you made the decision to substitute the Cyclops for the "missing" bike, any/ all "blame" falls on you. Expecting the shop to compensate you for your decision seems pretty lame to me. They had no bearing on your decision to make a substitution in your deal. You should have taken the loss on the "stolen" bike and/or worked out a deal with the buyer before loading the Cyclops.
While I fully appreciate you wanting to honor your word (I try to live my life where my word is my most valuable asset), sometimes reality trumps it, and agreements need to be altered accordingly.
I find it difficult that in this modern day and age you were unable to contact the buyer to notify them of the "missing" bike and to work something out before loading up a bike you knew you'd regret getting rid of.

regardless, i hope you can work something with the buyer.
No, I'm sorry, "28's and fenders" won't fit.

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