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Originally Posted by allgoo19
No, I didn't make that idea into reality. I was thinking of getting a small digital camera at the time and what I actually got was Olympus C8080 which is pretty chunky and heavy.

I still think the idea would work as long as the weight of the camera is not more than the Micro Halogen light, which you can find plenty of them these day. But in order to use it on your bike, either you have to have very fast camera or anti-shake camera(in a small camera body) to minimize the camera shake.

If you haven't bought the camera, many models of Panasonic P&S camera(with image stabilizer feature) should be considered for reducing the shake.

If your bike has suspension like mountain bike, that would help reduce the vibration too. That of course, if you are planning to take shots on the run.

Because I have never tried it in real world, I don't know how bad the vibration affects the photo.
I spent over a year riding summer and winter with a digital camera mounted on my handlebars. I even made a clear rain/snow cover and have some good snow (taken while it was snowing) pictures. After a while you get sick of just the one position point of view. For example, a group shot requires riding ahead and turning the bike around. Also the videos were acceptable on the street, but the microphone did not deal with the wind very well. I finally switched to using a nice camera bag as a holster strapped to the stem. This allows shooting easily at any angle while moving, or not. I have plenty of moving shots of riders behind me. You just blast away and delete later. Since you can invert the image in the computer I shoot upside down under my arm, or over my head etc. It's easy, I don't actually aim with the screen or the viewfinder I just point the lens. It's better than you would think. Much better.

I had to reduce the file size a lot to post these, but these are taken while riding. Front, back, side, whatever, It's better than on the bars.

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