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Originally Posted by krispenhartung View Post
Cripes! This thread turned dark quick! This whole gear thing is almost like religious dogma for some track racers, leading to gnashing of teeth, ad hominems, etc. I am wondering if there any hard, scientific data to support any of the anecdotal claims and advise? Seems that in the absence of such hard data (if it doesn't exist), Carlton's general stance seems the most rational by default, namely, use what works for you. If one has enough ride data to show that when they use big gears they do better than with smaller gear (meaning, they win more races or place better, etc), then use it...and visa versa. But, as we all know in the world of data analytics, one instance of data does not imply a general claim. That I believe is referred to as an inductive fallacy or hasty generalization in the world of logic. :-)
There is data. I believe Southern Fox linked this video, and it is worth watching:
But it's not all about big gears, there's a lot in there, and depending upon your reading it would not be hard to read some of it as contradictory. You still have to roll your own as far as what you race and train on, there's no cookie-cutter template that will work for everyone.
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