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Dehydration bad

I went for my first short ride in several weeks - other health issues, mine and my wifeís got in the way for a month - and discovered Iíd not been drinking enough water. I was so dehydrated I got dizzy and actually vomited. Not fun. Quit the ride after only a couple of miles and had to go home.

Been drinking water regularly since and am feeling much better.

Learned my lesson

Originally Posted by jppe View Post
This past week itís been hotter than normal in NC for this time of the year. Temperatures were mid to high 90ís accompanied by the Carolinas high humidity. I walk 18 holes of golf every morning. We start before 8:00 and generally finish around 11:30, before itís super hot.

Iíve lived in the Carolinas my whole life and have tolerated the heat really well. I actually prefer it. Nothing like a good sweat! Never had any issues, until this week.

It got me this week. I could feel my energy levels dropping later in the week. I went out to mow the grass with my push mower Thursday afternoon and thought I was going to have to call 911! My yard is not big and it generally takes me about an hour to mow it. I had to stop 3 times, go inside, drink fluids and cool down. I felt really light headed with little energy.

I have been drinking a lot of water playing golf. I carry one of my cycling water bottles with me and try and always have water in it. As an afterthought Iím thinking I just have been adding electrolytes as well. I can carry the capsules or even packets of powder. Maybe Iíll try that and see how it goes.

Cycling was affected as well. I felt awful and just had to go slow. Maybe anything that elevated the heart rate was affected???

Just wondering if our tolerance for heat (and cold) changes as we mature???
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