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RAM Mounts. In particular, look at the "RAM Mount Cradle Plate EZ-Strap Bike Mount RAP-SB-187U" and the "RAM Mount Cradle Plate Handlebar Bike Mount RAP-274-1U". I use them to mount a handheld VHF/UHF "ham" radio. You'd have to look for a case that can hold the Droid and attach to the mount. For the radio, I use their "RAM Mount Plastic Universal Belt Clip Bar Cradle Holder RAM-HOL-BC1U". You could possibly install the Droid in a Otterbox or similar case and rig a belt clip to hook into the holder.

The mounts are not perfect - the stap mount was tricky to install; I replaced the factory pin (could never get it to click in) with a longer, similar diameter steel rod and snipped off the excess. The mount has a slight tendency to rotate forward (the radio I use sits a little top-heavy). It supports the radio well, and is easily moved from one bike to another. A phone is lighter and the weight distribution is more even so I think it would stay put better. I've used this mount on several 50 mile rides and have been trying it out for about a week on a 12 mile-each way commute.

The 274-1U mount can be put on handlebars or the stem (I have it that way on 1 bike) which eliminates any fore-aft tipping. Like some other reviewers, I've broken off a pin in the pin connector (maybe this is why RAM sells the RAP-274-1B3 as a replacement part) - the problem seems to be movement between the plastic housing of the mount and a rubber insert that adheres to the stem or handlebar. Moving the mount between bikes requires cutting zip-ties; I bought a bag from the big box hardware store (needed them anyway) and got a 2nd mount for the other bike. Wihout the cradle and radio, it looks small and unobtrusive, like a mount for a bike computer. I've used this mount on several full century rides and the radio has stayed rock-solid. If you want a more permanent-looking mount, get one of the models RAM sells for motorcycles - they use a U-bolt and won't come loose without tools.

Avoid the RAM Mount Diamond Plate with Rail Mount, RAP-274U. It won't fit larger diameter handlebars and doesn't open easily to slide past anything. You have to install it, then mount the bar, shifters, brakes, bar tape.

There will be vibration and you will not want to use a very rigid mount - both these mounts have some limited degree of movement which helps dampen vibrations. But, if you are going to use headphones, stick the phone in something to keep moisture off it and use an armband or put it in a jersey pocket - no wires then between you and the bike. If you are using the phone as a GPS/map display or bike computer, it'll work but expect to kill the battery faster. Ask yourself if using a several hundred dollar phone is better than a cheaper music player, bike computer, or GPS designed for that environment. I'd put the phone in a water-resistant case for protection; I've found that the Droid and HTC Incredible are both very senesitive to moisture (sweat, even light rain, water bottle spills) and need some protection. Assume the D2 is not any better.
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