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-1F this morning, and enough wind to feel a wind chill. Running late and had two opportunities to catch a bus, but I opted to keep riding in both cases. Mostly I wanted to see if the new freehub that I'd swapped in earlier in the week would work in sub-zero, which it did. The bus saves me at most 3-5 minutes anyway, and I'd already put in some time from home, so being a little later wasn't a biggie.

Still some icy patches from the snow/melt/re-freeze earlier this week. I did see one other commuter. I'd be tempted to try a high-five, but it might be misinterpreted or mis-cued. So usually it's just an exchange of nods, a sort of silent "yeah, I'm as crazy as you".

Almost clipped a "pedestrian". Bike commuters using the Monona Terrace elevator actually cut through an interior space that connects the center to a nearby hotel. Guy was getting off the interior elevator, and it's a bit of a blind spot for bike commuters cutting through. Probably a visitor; seemed a bit shocked to see someone in a giant pink helmet and ski goggles on a bike in an interior space. I stopped in time and apologized. Only "close call" I've had for several weeks, knock wood.

+17F as I head out now. +40s forecast for this weekend.
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