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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
You guys. Here in California's elbow, there has been no precipitation in the entire month of February. The Tahoe ski resort snow blog says with wistful hope, "The first week of March we may begin to see some weak systems."
I guess that with our ~1" of wet snow last night we have had more snow than Tahoe!

Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
It was my first bike commute to my new job - it's been flooding here so I wanted to drive until I got a full access badge to sneak in and change if necessary. Otherwise an executive had to come down and vouch me in, and it could be awkward, not looking ready to work. The rain finally paused, and it's right at 0°C but no ice, and I have my badge, so it was a go! Nice ride though I felt a little out of shape.

It was also the first real test of my quick-release laptop carrier which worked as I'd hoped it would. Stopping at a store along the way it took 5-10 seconds to unhook and bring in, and was secure enough during the ride that I couldn't tell that it was there. Looked back to check a few times The braces aren't so strange looking and I felt fine carrying it into the more image-conscious area that I'm working.

So I'm glad to be back in the bike commute!
Welcome back wphamilton ! I'm a seat post rack kind of guy too so that I can easily remove it and go for a recreation ride if I want to. However, I don't think I've done so in over a year.

It snowed in the Charlotte area last night. Schools let out early and today they are either delayed or closed. Anyone who has seen real snow would be perplexed though. It was a very wet rain/snow mix that only stayed white on the grass. This morning the roads were mostly dry. I saw a frozen puddle or two, hardly enough to cause a bus to lose traction. Whatever.
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