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Originally Posted by bikemig View Post
I'm with @friendofpugs. Your best bet is to list a few bikes on the C&V appraisal forum and ask for advice as to whether those bikes are worth the asking price on craigslist. If you list your city and height, people will tell you which bikes will fit and they'll scour the ads for you. Nothing like free labor, right?

In terms of working on bikes, that's easy and they're are a ton of really good youtube videos on this.

Also what are you planning on doing with your bike? A commuter or all around bike is different than a racer and some of the bikes you've listed are really racing bikes.
I am planning on using it to commute 10 miles to and 10 miles back from somewhere every day this summer. Just need something durable and not too heavy that won't break the bank, and that I will still have the option to modify a bit which is something I always enjoy doing. I listed my inseam/height/city as well as my total budget in an earlier reply. Thanks for the help!
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