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Originally Posted by Biere Froide View Post
My wife and i usually cycle together on the weekends. I recently retired and cycle during the week while she's at work. I still cycle with her on the weekend anytime she wants.
She's mad i go during the week without her and told me i should find something else to occupy my time and go only when she's off. I find this a very selfish request for someone who is not a selfish person. I told her i was not going to honor her request and she is pissed about it, i love my wife but i have to do whats right for me. How would anyone elase handle this situation.
If you don't already do things like laundry, cleaning, etc. pick a day of the week for it, and see what happens.
Then ride only most of the days. Don't complain just do it one day and see what happens. Don't even tell her beforehand.
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