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It’s not the cycling she’s bothered about. It’s the fact that you’re retired and she’s not. I strongly recommend you start increasing your share of the household duties. Yes, you’re retired, but nobody wants to put in a full day and come home to start a second job of housework. You don’t need to carry all of the responsibilities, but taking some of the burden off of her would go a long way toward easing her load.

If she’s spent her day working only to come home and hear how you’ve been goofing off all day while she starts in with the chores, she’s gonna be resentful. If she comes home and a bunch of stuff has been handled, and oh, by the way, I went for a ride too, well, she’ll probably be pretty comfortable with the situation. If the chores were done by the time she got home, the two of you could go for a short ride together.

Marriage is a team sport. Nobody’s retired until you’re both retired. When one person in the marriage retires, the only thing that changes are the job descriptions.

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