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Results are in... Friel's "estimate" was waaaay off, lol. But I expected that: this motor needs some work.

The Garmin Vector 2S power meter is installed on the Cannondale SIX-5, sporting a compact crank and 10-speed 105 group, with stock wheels and 23mm clinchers. With the loaded saddle bag and pedals it weighs in at 20 pounds. Fully clothed I'm tipping the scales at 175 pounds.

I picked a stretch of road just long enough to run 20 minutes at about 20 mph, which I figured would push my present "fitness" limits. I had used this same road many years before when getting a baseline for HR zones. Long story short, my 20-minute average power was 186W. Normalized power was 200W, a little better indicator of the effort I felt. Max power was 406W. Average HR was 178, which used to be high Zone 3. Max was 184. Average speed was 19.1 mph, very close to my estimate.

I don't think I could have pushed it much harder, but I could have maintained the pace for another 10 minutes, had I not run out of road. A full hour? Probably not, unless pancake flat. (I thought the road was fairly level, but the data shows about a .7% average downgrade. The last five minutes was on a 3-4% upgrade where the power came up quite a bit, well over 200.) I was breathing really hard on that last rise.

I used HR to judge the effort and set the pace, as it was fairly constant once stabilized, leaving power to fluctuate. (I have the power display set to average over 10 seconds. Forgot to change that prior to the ride. Will use shorter timespan from now on.) It will take some time to figure all this out, especially learning to use power rather than HR to set the pace for my workouts.

So, what's the take away? I've got a long way to go, baby(!), but with data useful for building my base, as well as planning for next year. Will I be ready for Paris Mtn in 12-16 weeks? Maybe. It's really late to be building base, but it is what it is. I'll probably get a new cassette with a 32-tooth low, just in case.
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