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Originally Posted by rustymongrel View Post
Well I mean there was a bit more work on Cervélos end than that but yeah. The British manufacturer thing was some sort of caveat with the money British cycling gets from the lottery if I recall correctly. They weren’t even a bike manufacturer, as far as I know the T5 is the only bike they’ve ever made. The feeling from Cervélo engineers was that it could have been an even better bike if they weren’t stuck using a manufacturer that they’d never dealt with before. It did beat the old UKSI bikes in stiffness and aero by a large margin though.

Something that raised my eyebrows about this new 2020 bike is that Lotus is involved. The engineer at Cervélo that headed the T5 project works at Lotus now. Somehow I doubt that’s a coincidence.
Found this during completely unrelated internet trawling, no info on the bike at all but that's not unsurprising:
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