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Originally Posted by aggiegrads View Post
I found that there a couple Wera bits that are JIS. At $1.67, there wasn’t much of a reason not to toss a few in my last cart.

They make good small gifts for my cycling buddies.
OH SHOOT, I didn't notice that and here I am thinking "don't need those". Now I am thinking "NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED (want)!" Will have to pick some up.

I am going to say this I don't know about most shops using JIS. Now it is hopefully getting a little more common and I know our shop seems to be on board but my old shop didn't and I can imagine a lot of mechanics not knowing just from ones I have talked with and seeing some shops. Now that Park has a derailleur screwdriver it might get better and QBP occasionally has JIS screwdrivers which do tend to sell out quickly so there is hope but I don't know that it has gotten to where it needs to be.

I personally am a JIS for just about everything, I haven't met a Phillips head screw that hasn't loved my JIS driver. (insert sex jokes as needed)

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