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Catalogs aren't complete - most of the North American/US catalogs don't show the touring variations you'll find in the central/north EU catologs.

But needless to say, for 1st digit domestically, "A" was the lowest end with no chrome, "U" was one step up had chrome fork socks. "O" was typically without any extras, "E" had extras included. I don't think they'd come out with any bikes suffixed with "6" or "4" on the low-end bikes when this decal set was used, so it's likely an AE8.

What's throwing me off is the single braze-on boss. There were a lot of bikes in the EU market that came in a 5-speed for touring/gentlemen which had off names. Like VX40, it's one that comes to mind. PX8 might have been another one. I've never seen those over here in the states, although I picked up an EU-spec PX8 a few years back in white, someone's curb find which had imported from FR with its owner on a move.

The EU catalogs sometimes have decals starting ending +/- 1yr difference from US. I'm positive that decal set was '79-'81 here in the US, maybe thru '82 or '83. Those are the catalogs you'd need to dig thru. You may check at BikeBoomPeugeot or PeugeotShow if you haven't already.

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