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Thanks for the reply!

I'm still in line to purchase more endurance racing handlebars oriented (both sphinx and sprinting oriented). I did more research regarding stiffness on aero bars and own calculation based on current setup with the Scatto (35/72/128).
I have soon an appointment with my bike fitter and I need few handlebars to choose. Well, he is in charge to select the proper final dimensions but varies options are needed.
I looked also in aero-top section as favourable. I also keep the list only to narrow (<40 mm).

So this is what I got:

1) ZIPP SL-70 Aero 38/70/128 -
2) Specialized Aerofly II 38/75/125 -
5) 3T Superergo 38/77(89)/119 -
4) Dixie Flyer Hellyer 36/80/120 - Hellyer Track Bar ? Dixie Flyer Bicycles
3) PRO Vibe Aero 38/80/130 -

Images of the handlebars are under links. I didn't want to mess on the board more than this spam anyway As you see all of them are on different dimensions to have some options while fitting however, my question is if this would be good choices for the declared dimensions?

The 3T (3) has pretty nice shape for sphinx position however I am afraid it's too shallow or at least it looks weird. I like Zipp (1) as I use the SL-70 Ergo on my road bike (however it's alloy). Hellyer (4) looks like a good choice and is the narrowest one, I'm just not sure about reach as it's a bit longer (which probably is good for sphinx position) and the drop is almost as shallow as for the 3T!
I'm not that experience in gears to know exactly what shape would suit me the best. All I know is that I lack a good grip for sphinx position in my Scatto bars that I currently own. Other than that I love them and I'm considering to keep them for sprint oriented races even if I'm mainly doing it in lack of my favs ;-)

Any thoughts? It would be appreciated!
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