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Originally Posted by texaspandj View Post
How are y'all rides going?
I rode 4 out of a planned 7 days. 1 of those days I ran, and another day (Saturday I went canoeing with my wife, which with my wife turned into a 2.5 hour workout) and the other skipped day I was tired. Hopefully this week I'll be more consistent.
It's been hot and reportedly it's gonna get hotter and not just in Texas but most of the country is in the path of a heat wave.
Yesterday after riding early with my cycling buddy I started changing one of my Ironman from black cables to white (pics to come) I rode again and it was HOT...and humid. However it was overcast so I had that going for me.
Keep the rubber side down Ironkids.
I got up yesterday morning to do a run, then a ride after. I was at the inlaws. They live on the water in Lancaster County VA so it's always high humidity. It's about 8:30 so I check the forecast for rain. Nothing on the forecast so I put on my stuff and walked out of the bedroom. Look out the window and it's......raining! WTF? I sit down and wait. It quits in about 30 minutes. I check the weather again and it's now 82 degrees and 100% humidity. F that. I check the weather for the late evening. By 8pm it was supposed to be 78 with lower humidity. So, I ran last night after I came back to my house. No bike ride. BTW, it started raining again in the morning about an hour after the first rain. Good thing I didn't head out.

I was going to take a swim in the river, but it was loaded with jelly fish. No swim, either.

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