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Originally Posted by carpediemracing View Post
I realized then that a pound on the bike was nothing compared to 30 or 40 pounds off the rider.
of course!

i'm definitely considering a very special case here -- but my earlier point is that if you just want to buy/make/use something light on the bike, it is still a benefit to you, whether you are 5% BF or 25%.

Originally Posted by carpediemracing
Now I focus first on fit/ergonomics. If I have some deluxe stuff then I'll do weight. Except wheels. Wheels I look at rotating weight.
i'm of the opinion that rotating weight, on a bike, makes no difference vs non-rotating weight. there eIS a difference, but it is so incredibly minor as to be inconsequential--for me. not all feel the same.

Originally Posted by carpediemracing
As far as discipline I am pretty low on that, so losing the weight is tough for me. I can get to about 167-168 but 160 is tough and 150 was virtually out of reach. I ought to be in the 150s, even 145. To be really cut I think I'd be close to 140.
i've been shocked. when i got my first DEXA scan a few years back, what i thought was 10% BF was definitely not. really opening my eyes to where fat was hiding and what i could actually trim. at that point i thought there was nothing i could lose.

anyway, the whole discipline thing is a can of worms. there's a huge industry around selling people tricks to lose weight, but it comes down to resisting temptation. it is amazing how quickly one can undo so much hard work. for me, with slow and steady losses (e.g., an extra 30' of tempo a day + trying to resist that dessert at night)...that daily redux is something i could erase in a few minutes post-ride.
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