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Obviously designed as one of the affordable entry level recumbent bikes when you look up the components and prices on Bikepedia. Listed weight is ~45 pounds which makes it one of the heavier bikes for its design. MSRP for all models seemed to top out at around $500 and disappeared from the listings after 2000 when only two models were listed. You can get an idea of what they show here 1997 ReBike ReBike 818 - BikePedia Match the colors and components and you will know what year it was made or look at the hubs which sometimes have a date on them. The easiest way is to look at the inside of the crank arm but this bike has a one-piece crank so that doesn't work. If you need to get tires, check out the selection at the Niagara Cycle website. 16" tires are pretty rare but this site has 2 pages from around $6 to $40 Tires & Tubes - Tires - 16" - Page 1 - Niagara Cycle. Ditto for 20" tires. I use a $14 406 tire on the front of my Catrike 700 and absolutely love them.

There are true bargains out there. I paid $240 for an early 1980s Kaan Body Shop Linear long wheelbase bike with the idea of using it for parts for a newer Linear I owned but found it was in great shape and never ended up taking it apart.
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