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I know I am probably overthinking it, but the problem is there are 39 riders trying to qualify for the top 12 spots that go on for the match sprint rounds, and I know there will be plenty of 11s and even a couple of 10s in there. I wanna get in that top 12 to get race experience 1on1 sprinting. I
You are overthinking it.

Match sprint training should come some other time, not during an event like the one you are describing. That's like playing a basketball game and hoping to get fouled in order to practice free throws

At DLV in Atlanta, match sprint nights would go like this: Everyone does flying 200s then people are matched with those closest with them in time and they go 2 or 3 rounds with each other. So, it's 1st qualifier vs 2nd qualifier, 3rd vs 4th, 5th vs 6th, etc... That keeps the competition even and challenging...because it's training.

This gives the riders a chance to work on strategies, technique, gears, etc... in a competitive environment. This will then give them confidence to use those in a real event as well as show them what works against them and what they suck at.

Look for some program like that.
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