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From a quick look at your data I wonder if you're jumping from too low a speed. 40kph, even after another gain in altitude, is a bit slow.
My guess is that he's jumping from the top of turns 3-4, after climbing into the top of the turn. Some people wait until falling out of 4 to "turn on the gas" and accelerate past the track start/finish line and hit top speed at the flying 200M start line.

So, the double peaks of speed look right, especially with the top speed being between turns 1-2...where the 200M start line is.

But it also looks like his speedo reads every 1 second. I would love to see this data over every 0.5s. I would also love to see Cadence on the same chart.
@Carlosss, can you export the same chart with both speed and cadence on the same chart? Power, too, if you have it.
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