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Yeah I should have said as far as I have seen, based on what I have actually been on,, Not :
"IMO The Bucksaw Is the best full suspension full on fat bike out there."

(IMO) means, In my opinion, Opinions are peoples views from personal experiences, never said I was the all knowing fat bike guru.
Here is a bit on the use of such a phrase in the English language,
differences - "I think ..." or "In my opinion..." or "From my point of view..." - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

No really, next time I will say, 'From My point Of view' thank you for pointing this out to me FrozenK, well done.

I bow to your wisdom on Fat bike knowledge and use of the English language.
I only got a few B grades In english, mostly got C's. Got a few A's In English Lit, go figure, musta been my ADD

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