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Originally Posted by unmumpsimus View Post

What I do know is that when you state that "you can soon be riding with cyclists who've done it for years and are pretty avid about it" you prove that you don't understand that there is a big, broad world of riding out there that you are completely unaware of.
What you're quoting me on there is a pretty broad description. It could include world-class cyclists, or just one of the faster groups in a local club. I'm not sure what I'm missing. I assume cycling is like any other popular sport with a bell curve of skill levels and that cycling has its own Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer and it falls off from there. Based on my experience, it's more practical for a 50-year-old novice cyclist to make up ground on the average cyclist than it would be for a 50-year-old novice tennis player to make up ground on the average tennis player. Mainly because the novice cyclist can just outwork the average cyclist. Not sure that would be enough in tennis.
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