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Sounds like your friend has some personal problems to work out before getting a job. Not only that "can you help me get the job?" really irks me, go in and impress them, use you as a reference sure, but don't try and get you to sweet talk them into hiring her.

Sounds like she's the kind of person that doesn't really wanna do work for money. I've run into quite a few of those people, who sit around at work, get practically nothing done (but never get caught) and complain all the time about how boring or hard work is... you're bored because you're not DOING anything! I mean she's finding bloody excuses about sending an e-mail or making a phone call.... one! Not like a dozen, not like an hour of work, ONE e-mail or phone call.

I'd do it just because of the pushover I am, however I'd make it clear that I'll feel really put out if I did that and they didn't show up for an interview.
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