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Originally Posted by gvv1980 View Post
I did find a lot of responses on phantom shifting and that likely this phenomena caused by flexing of a steel frame under force of rider going uphill. What I couldn't find is any viable solutions for it. Is it just a nature of steel bikes and cannot be fixed or someone has a checklist of things that I need to go through and if not fix it forever, but minimize effect of flexing?

Thank you
Exactly what bike are you asking about? Sure, bicycle frames flex, some more than others. My 1973 Raleigh Professional was flexy compared to some other bikes back then, but I never experienced "phantom shifting". There are steel bikes that are extremely stiff, my steel Bertrand touring bike is the stiffest bike that I own. Steel bikes are not necessarily flexy. Stop blaming the material your bike is made of. Your phantom shift problem is not the fault of frame material
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