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Originally Posted by spinnaker View Post
Just think of all of those fish you must have killed with your graphite dusts.

I would like to know in accidents increased with the dive computer. When I was diving we always used the tables and errored on the side of caution. The new dive computers push the limits and give you more bottom time. Not a good thing IMHO.
I have a feeling that the companies making the things are liability cautious... and likely set the algorithms to be conservative.

I know when I taught, I expressed it like this:
"The tables were created by trial and error using young, healthy Navy divers... the data was recorded by hand and the tables were created. The medical studies were a bit crude at the time. Very few sport divers fit the physique of said young Navy divers... and it has been noted that there may have been transcription errors in the tables... so YOU new divers... should always use the next deepest or next longest time category on the tables, and err on the side of caution."
I never used a dive calculator as when they first came out, they (like my damn Nikonos) had a tendency to flood and fail. So I always used redundant other methods. A bottom timer and a watch, two depth gauges (one capillary) and I stayed situationally aware.

But I also tended to "push" things in my own diving. For instance, when I was teaching, I really did not a dive partner... I had 6 inexperienced students. When I dove for abalone, I would often take off my tank to get under rocks that I could be wedged into. And as an instructor, I often dove multiple times in the same day to take out different groups... and I myself used the tables like "a young healthy Navy diver." I was in my 30s when I did most of my teaching... and I have not been on SCUBA in the last 15 years, but I do continue to swim and free dive. (and yes, I know the dangers of shallow water blackout... just like I know the dangers of cycling on public roads... I still do it)
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