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Help with an Optima Condor

Hello everybody,

I just finished putting together my Optima Condor ( This is my first USS, first SWB and first full-size wheeled bent. All my other bents have been easy-to-ride LWB OSS small wheelers.

Now, I have two questions regarding that bike:

- I have a wide rear-end, and that seems to be a bit of a problem when I get onto the bike, as my hands are very close to my hips, and I simply cannot steer much. I will weld a new, wider handlebar tomorrow that will have a lot more clearance side to side. Is this problem a common one amongst "volumetrically-challenged" types who ride USS, or is it just the Condor, or is it just me who can't get used to it? I thought of using a straight bar instead of the regular curved one, that would be completely underneath me, but since it sweeps wide because of the long stem, I think I'll bang my hands against the seat without achieving much turning radius at all. What do you think?

- The Condor is a very high bike (26/26). I know I will need some time before I can get used to starting and stopping safely and without falling. Can anybody give me some good advice on the proper procedure to start, stop and stand at the red light without putting both feet down, so I can start again quickly when the light turns green and follow the flow of traffic?
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