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Originally Posted by ppc
The Condor is a very high bike (26/26). I know I will need some time before I can get used to starting and stopping safely and without falling. Can anybody give me some good advice on the proper procedure to start, stop and stand at the red light without putting both feet down, so I can start again quickly when the light turns green and follow the flow of traffic?
My bike has a much lower seat, but still has high cranks. My best recommendation is to go ahead and put both feet down. If I even *think* that I may have to stop, I get unclipped - I can soft-pedal unclipped until I either stop or find that I won't have to stop. This way I have all the stability I need when stopped (both feet planted) and I can clip back in once underway again. Unlike on an upright bike, I nearly always use the brake while stopped. This counteracts the bike's tendency to roll out from under me on even the slightest upslope. I release the brake as I start. I generally put one foot up just as the signal is turning green - if the situation is tight I won't clip it in - if there's no traffic or I have plenty of room I'll go ahead and clip in before starting. I may clip in the other foot on the first stroke, or after I cross the intersection, all depending on circumstances.

At first I tried unclipping only with one foot, just like on the upright. I found I was much more likely to overbalance to the clipped-in side. I nearly fell several times, so I stopped that.

Hope this helps,
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