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Training wheels, Stucky - correct. Balance bikes, Stucky - not. We use balance bikes at our club and teach anything up to 40 kids per year. Most of them transfer from the balance bike to their own bike at sometime during the morning but not always. This seems to be at variance with your views on them. I prefer to go on the evidence.

Yes, sometimes kids to take to it like "flipping a switch", but half the bikes that they bring with them weigh more than they do, so whatever method you use takes time unless they're really, really, ready. Balance bikes are not counter-intuitive. They teach the first, vital thing that you need to ride a bike - to balance. Once the balance is there, pedalling comes pretty quickly.

Sometimes the kid throws a wobbler and won't use one, nor will s/he go along with no pedals, so we teach them in the more traditional way and it works.

We've had a couple of dyspraxic boys come and their parents have spent up to a year trying to get them to ride using the old-fashioned push along using the saddle or whatever. They were too old and tall so we used their own bike or one of ours. One learned in one and a half x 2hr. sessions and the other, who couldn't even put his leg over the bike without falling over, took nearly 4 x 2hr sessions but he eventually learned.

Me, I'd rather go with hard-earned experience from nearly 17 years running a kids bike club than from anecdotal opinion.

I'm glad you were lucky enough to learn in 5 minutes - so did I, on a 28" wheel roadster with rod brakes and a cross bar which was about shoulder height and about 6" wooden blocks screwed to each side of the pedals so I (age 6) could reach them. But I wouldn't go down that route simply because I did.
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