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Originally Posted by howeeee View Post
not true
What Atbman said is very true! Training wheels are an impediment to learning to ride. I'll never forget, as a kid, 40-something years ago, getting on my niece's bike which had training wheels (I already knew how to ride)....it freaked me out, even then, how the bike would just flop to the wrong side when you'd go to make the slightest turn. Totally counter-intuitive and counter-productive; If you get used to that first, you basically have to learn a whole new set of skills to ride with out the training wheels; and those new skills are basically the diametric OPPOSITE of the habits you've learned from the training wheels. It took YEARS for that niece to learn to actually ride....vs. literally 5 minutes for myself and many others I grew up with to learn the old-fashioned non-training wheel way.

Before I was 10 years old, I vowed that i would never, EVER put a set of training wheels on a kid's bike.
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