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My local audax club has come up with the idea to make indoor cycling challenges that count as permanents. They have several challenges which vary by distance and cutoff time:

A bit on the fence about this one. On one hand, having no particular restrictions makes this very "gameable". For example, on Zwift I'd pick the flat Tempus Fugit route, use a time trial bike with my fastest wheels and rack up KMs. On a turbo trainer or rollers, I'd set it to the lowest resistance, pick the heaviest gear I can comfortably spin, and likewise rack up KMs. A more formalized system would be something like enforcing a particular platform (e.g. Zwift) with a set route or cue sheet to follow.

However, on the other hand, I suppose they didn't enforce anything in particular to make this a more all-inclusive form of challenge that everyone can participate in, as long as they had something at home (rollers, dumb trainer, smart trainer). Also I suppose if the goal is to give people more motivation to ride inside, this works pretty well.

Though some of these challenges are timed to occur in the middle of the weekday where people may have more limited time. I'm working from home too, so my weekday time is very limited as well. I suppose I might take a gander and maybe participate in one of the weekend ones, like maybe the 150km and 180km rides.
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