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Closest colorway match would be a 1995, listed on vintage-trek as being silver with "ice blue" decals. Maybe the white balance in the photos compensated for cloudy light or something, but your decals look more purple than blue. Look for two-letter codes on the inside of the drive-side crank arm, or the inboard sides of the derailleurs or brake arms; you can decode them on vintage-trek as well. Edit - presuming the fork is original, that would technically make it a "970 SHX". If the purple-looking decals are actually red (or red that's been in the sun, perhaps), then it might be a '97, listed as "dry titanium" with red decals.

Also look for a serial number and/or date code on that fork, as a number of Rock Shox forks from BITD were subject to recall, which would still be in effect.

Values mentioned above sound right, AFTER you get it REALLY cleaned up. Looks like it's been ridden moderately, definitely not "rode hard and put away wet", but more like "diamond in the rough".
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