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Originally Posted by VegasTriker View Post
This is probably going to be a difficult task. Challenge has been gone for a while. The website shows a 2012 date at the bottom of the home page. You might contact the two dealers who sold them in the US. Both are still around - Angletech Cycles in Woodland Park CO and Recumbent Bike Riders in State College PA. They could probably tell you if the conversion is possible.

I own two recumbent bikes that use USS. The "stick" mentioned above is a tie rod. It attaches to a ball on the front fork and another at the USS. Getting parts might mean buying both the handlebar assembly, the tie rod, and a new front fork, Even if available, this would be expensive.
Thanks Vegas Triker, I didn't expect a fast answer on such an old thread !
I know there's no "official" conversion kit from Challenge, as the frame was different for USS and OSS. But before making my own clamp (described as "a kit from Radius. They use a broad metal-ring of aluminium attached around the frame to support the whole steering system"), handlebar support, tie rod, fork adaptation, I want to check if a "ready made" solution is available somewhere in the World 😉 That's the reason why I was interested in knowing more about the Radius kit...

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