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I'm starting to find my groove doing these short (~1hr) training rides with lots of resistance.

I'll say that it's definitely a huge help having the power meter and HRM. I may sign up for TrainingPeaks to review and analyze my rides and progress. I've found that I don't really have to go looking for specific terrain or conditions to get my workouts in - just keep pressing hard. Even using the e-assist now and then on hills where my cadence would otherwise fall down into the low 50's, I can max out my HR and power - don't feel like I'm cheating myself by using it for those few scenarios (although I definitely feel like more of a hero when I can slog along with it off). Max HR for me these days seems to be in the low 170's somewhere.

The Cycling Dynamics are good to see, too - I expected my two legs to be well out of balance, but they're within less than 1% of each other. This is reassuring to me for some reason.

I haven't had a cadence meter on a bike for a few years now - 10 years ago when my do-everything bike was a fixie, I could spin up to 180-ish for a few seconds. These days I'm comfortable in the 80-100 rpm range, but can spin up to about 160 for a short time if I'm just trying to see how fast I can turn the pedals.

My FTP estimated by the Garmin app is 305W. Time will tell if I can increase that significantly through training, but there's no question that the big gains for improving power/weight for me are in cutting weight. Unless I'm able to cut down to well under 180 lbs, I don't think that a 6hr climb would be doable. I'm excited to continue measuring progress.

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