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That's very interesting, well duh, of course. You certainly find it so. I have had something similar for some time. In my case, I feel it as a tightness in my chest, on the left side. It was terrifying when it first started, a couple years ago. I've had the full cardio workup, same result as yours, though I also had the CT scan which found a lot of coronary calcium, which the doctor said not to worry about, not the cause of my problem, and probably will never be a problem. Anyway, my PCP thinks it's a muscle in my chest doing that for unknown reasons, making it difficult to get full breaths until I'm quite warmed up, which sometimes takes 1/2 hour.

For me, 15' is not sufficient for a warmup. I do 20' moderate, than 90" as hard as I can, 3-1/2' moderate, repeat that, and then it's been 30' and I'm fairly warmed up.

Thickened ventricular walls are normal. All of us cyclists who train a lot get them. It's a good thing, increases blood flow.

Sounds like you have White Coat Syndrome with that BP. I have a cycling buddy who has it bad. He got his own BP monitor and takes it himself. I guess you do the same. 120/80 as you probably know is the upper limit of "normal," which probably means what the doctors wish were normal in the US today. Beet juice or its main constituent, inorganic nitrate, will take it down and do no harm. Instead of drinking a lot of expensive beet juice, I just take a gram of sodium nitrate every morning. Same thing.

Do you stay hydrated, that is pee 6-8 times/day? If you do, it's not blood supply. Blood volume is elevated in all endurance athletes. One guess would be my doctor's, that it's some muscle thing. My guess is that it's some venous thing, because you say swollen. Swollen limbs are often the result of the little valves in our veins messing up. You could try doing pushups before you mount, see what that does if anything.
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