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The really good internal hubs such as the Rohloff speed hub are expensive but bullet proof. People who have it, love it. With a 14 speed internal hub you really have 14 speeds. With a front and rear derailleur such as an 3x7 or 3x9 you don't really have 21 or 27 gears because there is a lot over overlap.
A friend of mine just bought a new bike with the new Pinion gear system and loves it. I don't know if there are any trike manufacturer out there already offering that gear system. It basically requires a different bottom bracket since the gearing sits inside the bottom bracket and not in the whee hub. https://pinion.eu/en/
But derailleurs are a lot cheaper. Yes they do require a bit more maintenance but this is easy. And if you are not constantly riding in the dirt the maintenance is low.
I am personally a fan of internal hubs. I have the Sachs 3x7 on a few bikes. It is basically a 3 speed internal hub and a 7 speed derailleur. The 3 speed internal hub is used instead of a front derailleur. What I like about internal hub over a front derailleur:
- You can shift while stopped. A derailleur requires a moving chain to shift. An internal hub does not. In city traffic with lots of stop and go this is an advantage.
- They shift more precise and faster. Some front derailleurs are just horrible.
I had one internal geared hub break after 24 years of usage. It was part of the clutch that broke. And yes as mentioned by Vegastriker above, not many bike stores are wanting to work on internal hubs. I had the same problem and taught myself to fix it. Not rocket science if you can get the parts for these old hubs. So if a bike store is telling me that internal geared hubs are too complicated to work on, they are either lazy or incompetent.
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