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The Single Speed / Fixed Gear MTB discussion thread

As the title suggests, show off your SS/FG MTB and any rides or related discussion points. Anyone doing it on this forum?

Please, no debating why, or how gears are better - most people would argue using a motor is better than pedalling anyways
I originally thought of posting this in the SS subform but the emphasis there seems to be on road biking. The activity is still mtbing, only with a twist on the number of gears (just like the divisions of rigid, hardtail and FS) so I think it fits here.

I've recently gotten into SS MTB but have been SS and FG road biking for a while. As a project I decided to rebuild an older era rigid 26 "e stay" bike and the design lends itself to removing the chain so easily that I made it a 2x2 instead. Basically 1 gear for going up, swap chainlines and another for coming down. I was pretty fortunate to find two magic gear ratios that allows me to use the same chain with no tensioner. That rebuild thread is here: https://www.bikeforums.net/singlespe...-retrofit.html

I thought it would be just another project bike but riding it is so darned fun that I find myself wanting to go to it over my other options. I'm a bit older so I shy away from big drops and hard technical in favour of flowy gravity and XC trails and the 1x is cycling simplicity - and a good workout to boot! It reconnects me to the terrain, especially along with a rigid frame and makes easier trails a challenge again.

Since the rebuild it has gone through three bar types: bullhorns (too narrow), flats with bar ends and motocross. Tomorrow I'm replacing the old school heavy azz U brake in the rear for a modern bmx design.

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