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It's funny that you mentioned BMX because I am reminded (by this bike in particular) how SS mtb resembles that genre.

The singlespeed let's me feel the terrain more directly in the sense that I coast a bit more when it easy and stand and crank when it's hard. The rigid frame also makes me really pay attention to the line I'm taking or I'll know it. I tend to throw the bike around more than just plowing through.

For this older guy it's a good way to remain engaged with mtbing. I do love the modern gearing in very mixed up and down terrain but the modern FS design tends to push the rider into taking bigger risks because it flattens out the feedback. I don't know how many times I've bombed through some sketchy section and though how screwed I would have been if I'd lost it gong so fast.

26", rigid, cantis and ss removes almost all the mechanical advantages from the equation.

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