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Mountain bike, any good?


I've been looking to get a better mountain bike than I have now. It's just a generic brand cheap but solid frame bike but very harsh and bouncy on tracks.

I'm looking for something used to save money.
I've come across a year 2000 Diamondback Topanga MBT Large 21" which is a aluminum frame.
It has been upgraded and has full Shimano Delore LX group set, cable disk brakes, carbon seat post, bar ends, marzocchi 04 MX comp Bomber alloy front shocks, near new mavic 317 disk wheels, and near new Michelin race.r tyres. I'm wondering if this bike is any good. The seller is looking for about $465 which if it is any good I'd try for $400.

I thought I'd ask what people think as I am still learning about what makes a mountain bike any good.


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