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No I had to stay sitting down because it made breathing a bit easier. it was so bad any movement made it worse. all I could do is sit and only move enough to eat or go to the bathroom or bed. after 2 weeks of not getting better I had to walk about a mile to catches buses to go to the doctor. a slug could have passed me. that happened maybe 20 times over the years till I got control of eating and realized what foods were doing it. Now I don't have those problems unless I get really sick then it happens. I would have to cough to make my lungs loosen and I had to cough till they did or I could not breath. it was scary as hell and I passed out once.
I had taken care of must of my stomach problems when I stopped eating carbs so much for many years. but only truly got better when I went a year with pretty much no carbs. Now I am almost free of it for the first time in my life. Yes my poor esophagus trashed so bad and now it runs my life. to keep it from hurting I cant eat anything strongly flavored and liquids are the worst. pretty much water or unsweetened almond milk is all I can drink on a regular basis. nothing acidic or spicy or hot. I tried many many meds and they all hurt it. I think that's what made it start getting out of control in the first place many years ago but who can really say? there is some stomach problems that ran through the male side of one of my grandpas line my brother has had heartburn all his life too. but he has to eat protonics like candy instead of controlling what he eats. I think my daughter has some carb issues too but she does not like to think about it.

Yes complex carbs are the worst. rice and beans are really bad. I have not eaten a bean in 20 years it was that bad. I went years without rice and when I tried it a few years ago it was really bad. what I used to eat once a month and it would beat me up a bit.

I went a year without eating any grains till I attempted it again. I suffered for 3 days afterwards. so I ma only eat some wheat at Christmas but the problem is I cant eat enough to make it worth while or I get too many carbs and suffer with that too. After a year of not eating cabs my body started getting more and more sensitive to them. So if I start eating some a couple times a week i will start getting bad heartburn again. so no mater what I cant eat carbs on any basis or it will kill my guts. but they cause me to gain weight and I don't get energy out of them and I will get really sick if I eat them regularly so they are out of my diet.
I have talked to others with food intolerance's for sure. but doctors only just acknowledge them they don't really want to deal with it. I mean they hardly want to deal with gut bacteria at all till just recently. but there is not much that can be done but to avoid the foods that cause the issues. tests can show problem foods but it is not always reliable and it means you have to eat the food for the test to show its a problem. since doctors cant treat it they just lump it into irritable bowel syndrome.

When my esophagus got so bad and I found no medical relief at all for it I knew I had to take control of my eating if I wanted to live or at least not constantly suffer so I did. It has greatly improved my energy levels and my other problems have gotten far less severe. but they start up again if I get off track for short periods. so I finally got it through my head I can no longer eat for fun. I have to strictly control what I eat fi I want to function. its hard as hell and food is pretty much just a means to survive and not rally for enjoyment . I am way to limited for enjoyment I have to eat pretty much the same thing every day with only a little variety but I can only feel good by doing it. my body has beaten that into me I have fought it tooth and nail and I always loose.
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