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Originally Posted by fooferdoggie View Post
How do you go about finding the right doctor? No one has had a clue about it. I know what caused it mostly but how do you fix messed up gut bacteria? Trying to get a poop transplant in the us is pretty hard I know I have tried talking to my doctors about it. but who knows if it would help? it has only been recently that my gut bacteria seems to be stable and strong. gut bacteria wants carbs it does not like living off of protein. I have talked to a lot of people with food intolerances. there is not much if anything doctors can do about it they all recommend the elimination diet to find what's bothering you. I have done that and still do that. I think it started as food allergies and eased up to food intolerances. but as far as my research has shown there is nothing to be done about it but to not eat those foods. Though they say to eliminate that food and slowly introduce it again later but that has never worked for me. I have improved my but bacteria with carefully selected probiotics. but now they seem to cause issues its like the new bacteria overwhelms what I have now and causes diarrhea. The biggest problem is the worst one. I have not been able to add anything new to my diet since the started pretty much the only thing I can remember is unsweetened almond milk. every med every supplement pretty much anything new causes problems if I take it on a regular basis. I could not even add extra potassium to my diet to try to help with leg cramps. Then my esophagus got so bad and that eliminated most meds too. I have talked to dietitians and all I really got was I needed more fat in my diet. But my esophagus makes that hard too. plus even if I don't eat any carbs I don't go into ketosis unlike everyone else.
All I have to pay extreme attention to my body and control what I eat and exercise. Doing that my heath has improved and it may be at the best Level its been in over 25 years since this has started. The symptoms have changed mostly after my esophagus went bad. Now foods that Bothe me mostly just take me tired unless I keep eating them then it would get worse. But I recover faster now then I never used to.
Have you googled "fecal transplant doctors"? In medical terminology, it's called fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). It is a fairly involved thing, more complicated than one would think. While the transplant itself is simple, the medical community advises (I don't really know what they call it) an assay of the bacteria present in to donor's poop, to make certain that no bad guys are included. That said, I suppose it's possible that FMT specialists have a good donors list.

I got to looking into this for a riding buddy who has early onset Alzheimer's. FMT has been shown to slow it down. Weird, huh? They call it the gut-brain connection. It also turns out that exceptional endurance athletes have similar populations of intestinal flora.

Raising the head of your bed didn't help your esophagus?
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