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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
Have you googled "fecal transplant doctors"? In medical terminology, it's called fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). It is a fairly involved thing, more complicated than one would think. While the transplant itself is simple, the medical community advises (I don't really know what they call it) an assay of the bacteria present in to donor's poop, to make certain that no bad guys are included. That said, I suppose it's possible that FMT specialists have a good donors list.

I got to looking into this for a riding buddy who has early onset Alzheimer's. FMT has been shown to slow it down. Weird, huh? They call it the gut-brain connection. It also turns out that exceptional endurance athletes have similar populations of intestinal flora.

Raising the head of your bed didn't help your esophagus?
yes but no doctor wants to deal with it. there was one place that does it they supply the local hospitals I contacted them but could never get communication going. gut bacteria is hard to deal with with doctors and in the us. but Now with how I found how carbs have caused my lifelong heartburn it may not be a good idea since I cant eat them no matter what. I would have to find a donor who does not eat carbs I bet. but even getting a doctor to believe me has been pretty much impossible. I had a great GP doc she actually listened and checked many things and helped me learn to deal with my esophagus. but the rest of the decocts it was hopeless. I had the chance to go to a better quality insurance plan and lost her. but that was a mistake new docs have been worse. my new doc wont even believe me when I tell him if I take Tylenol it hurts my esophagus.
one thing I have learned no matter what healing is extremely slow with this a year of no carbs is what got the healing going. its what my body needed and I am getting better slowly the effects of eating foods that bother me is far less then it used to be.
I think its amazing I can ride 250 miles a week now. my esophagus runs my life even wearing a mask makes it hurt. any strong flavor makes it hurt too much fart makes it hurt liquid fat makes it hurt all the meds I tried makes it hurt sour makes it hurt sweet makes it hurt.
I really think there is no medical help available and I just need to control what I eat.. but my long term worries is fi. inner a medication and I cant take it. like the day me esophagus went bad my blood pressure went way up. it has always been normal it has gone down some but it has never reached the same level. no doctor can tell me why. my BP did not even go up after I tore my rotator cuff and I was in a crapload of pain. my esophagus is a hell of a lot better then it ever has been but my bp is still on the high side.
but after over 10k in medical costs for tests and such all I got was physical therapy for my shoulder and some good advice from my GP I got no relief at all for all my problems. all the test were pretty much normal my nutrition levels are fine but for high b vitamin levels.
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