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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
You admit that your methods aren't working, yet you poo poo any suggestions your trained medical people have asked you to do. Trying what they ask for a time or two is not giving things a chance. Two weeks would be minimum to even begin to say you gave a recommendation a chance. IMO.

Your burning esophagus is from reflux isn't it? Then get with a gastroenterologist and take what ever medicine you have to to stop that. If you can't get that medicine down because it hurts to much to swallow it, then get with a compounding pharmacy and see if they can provide that in a better form for you.

However there is also a good chance if the reflux has been going on for a long time that the valve between your stomach and esophagus is damaged or just doesn't close tightly. There are surgeries for that. But a doctor that sees you as not willing to do what they ask for a time aren't going to want to mess with you.

I'm not as big on the idea your immediate issues will be cured by changing your colon's biological makeup. In the long run that might be a thing to consider. But the heartburn needs to be fixed first.
Huh not working? I said that I feel better than I have in 25 years. I have more energy when I control what I eat then ever before. I was feeling low the last month because I was eating a couple things I should not eat all the time. So now that I stopped I am starting to feel better again. I don't have problems swallowing thats not what I am taking about with esophagus pain. It hurts hours after I eat it usually takes a few hours unless it is is something acidic or spicy. meds can take hours to make it hurt. or a mask will make it ache right away. I have Had two upper endoscopies in the last two years and as I have known since I was 11 I have a hiatal hernia and I have Barrett esophagus but neither one of those has anything to do with my reflex as I have talked to a surgeon about it. I suffered a lot of pain trying out the meds that should help. I would take them till I could not stand the pain then I would have to stop. Several antidepressants that are supposed to help relax the esophagus and almost all of the acid reflux meds. they all hurt it and made it worse.
The doctors did not give me any advice once They found I could not take the meds. Well they gave the usual heartburn advice but all that has been behind me for many years. Cutting back on carbs years ago eliminated most of the acid reflux at night so I did not need to prop the bed up I don't eat late and all that. The one thing they never talked about was carbs causing heartburn. Plus they never believed that I have had heartburn since I could remember and thats about 50 years. Just taking an alieve one time made my esophagus ache for 3 days after. If I drink carbinated things very often it will ache for days. When I was looking for info I found out its called esophageal hypersensitivity. The antidepressants are prescribed to help it but in my case they just made it worse.
So saying I did not follow doctors advice is not so I never got any advice really. Just the general heartburn info that I know by heart.
But I have pretty much eliminated my heartburn well down to at most a few times a week or less if I control my carbs carefully. Once I controlled my carbs and almost eliminated them the heartburn went away. My esophagus seems to be healing too but it is a slow process.
But on the food front I have had no doctor advice but what my GP gave me like fat causing my esophagus to hurt and a few other things. The docs pretty much dismissed the problem or ignored it or called it irritate bowel syndrome. They just lump it into there and there is not much treatment. But I don't have any of those symptoms anyway. The only advice was to listen to my body and what foods it likes and I do that.
I was desperate for doctors help about my food problems and esophagus. But all the meds don't work and no one has had a clue about the food issues.
If I watch closely what I eat I feel better then I have in more then 25 years my heartburn is almost gone for the first time ever (I used to drink maloxx all the time as a teen) and my energy levels are improving. But I have to be extremely strict with eating to get these benefits. I was slipping with the jerky and the unsweetened chocolate almond milk. I didn't feel bad after eating them it took months of daily eating for them to effect me. That happens when something only slightly irritates me. (Happened when I changed bacon brands) When this started one bite of something that bothered me would cause a lot of problems Now not so much. I bet I could eat some seasonings and such now but I conditioned myself long ago to stop eating them because they caused problems along with almost everything else.
Lal I have found I can eat on a daily basis is meat and eggs and cheese and sunflower seeds and unsweetened almond milk and daily vitamins and fibre. I can also take a antacid and I can handle Benadryl and thats pretty much all I an ingest every day. Everything else I have to limit to a few times a week at max to never. My body has beaten that lemon into me in 25 years of trying to eat more.
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