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When my esophagus went nuclear 2 years ago on the forth of July it was so bad imagine your worst heart burn non stop 24/7 for 6 months. I went into urgent care the next day. I had freaked out my doctor because she emailed on the forth and I told her how bad it was and it was making my left arm ache. ( this took al long time to realize how it hurt my arm because had damaged it so much a few months ago) and I got a call but a couple docs wanting me to go to the emergency room for a ekg. I said I would go to urgent care a bit later. Took 3 hours to get through and all I got was an appointment for a GI doctor and a lidocaine drink to sooth it helped for 30 minutes. But it took 6 months to go through all the test including the horrible tube down my nose into my stomach to monitor my stomach ph for 24 hours. As I went through the slow testing process all I really got besides the usual acid reflux info that I could dictate back. Plus all the usual heartburn meds. But it got to the point that I knew I was not going to get relief and if I did not take my life into my hands I would be in big trouble.
My life was so bad then I hurt so much between my esophagus and my torn muscles in my arm and shoulder I could do nothing but work as best I can and go home and put lego together to try to get my mind off it. That forced me to eat the plants of foods and protein only its all I could do to ease the pain. That forth was the day my bp went way up and ya it could have been the pain. But it's still a little too high and no one can tell me why. I am not in plain like I used to be. Even the day I tore my rotator cuff my bp was normal.
They still worried about my heart so I had a stress test too heart was fine. It was just my esophagus made my damaged arm hurt.
But this was kind of a wake up call that I had to be far more in control of what I eat or this would just get worse. And in doing so I found that carbs caused my heartburn. It took a year of not eating them for that to happen. Plus once I stopped eating them I found I could not eat very much anymore as my body was far more sensitive to them. Plus I learned that there was a difference between heartburn pain and esophagus pain.
My wife suffered and still suffers from my problem we could not go out to eat at all anymore as there was nothing I could eat. I could have a steak but I can buy good steake for a lot less and I don't get turned on by steak. We could not travel at all because how can you find plan meat to eat when you're not at home.
Things are better now but I have to keep strict control of my diet. This is a typical dinner I have been eating for 15 or more years. Just p-lain ribs with salt cooked till crispy to get some flavor. No one would eat this every day if they had any choice about it. I would skip dinner but if I didn't to eat dinner my esophagus used to kill me if I skipped a meal.

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